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    THRIVE is a global movement that is redefining the way we change the world. As a member, you’ll receive updates highlighting the difference you're making, swag to show your support, and opportunities to connect with other Ubuntu change-makers.

    Meet the THRIVE Community

    Testimonial Mark Riskowitz
    South Africa

    "I first learned about Ubuntu at a Braai Day fundraiser. With Ubuntu, you’re not just hoping your donations make a difference--you actually know they are. Their deep impact led me to increase my monthly donation, and this was met with overwhelming gratitude!"

    Testimonial Joan Gerring
    United States

    "My husband and I had the chance to visit Ubuntu during a trip to South Africa. What we saw was a wonderful organization positively affecting young African lives. We were left with lasting memories, and we have been monthly supporters ever since."

    Testimonial Nachi
    South Africa

    "Ubuntu’s vision, integrity, and commitment to the people they support in my country is inspiring. It is a great honor to be able to contribute to such an organization."


    Ubuntu Pathways, NPC is a registered non-profit organization, registration number 084-584-NPO and a limited company in South Africa, registration number 2001/018358/08, with its office at 5 Qeqe Street, Zwide, Port Elizabeth. Ubuntu Pathways is also a non-profit organization in the United Kingdom and the United States. All donation is fully tax deductible unless goods or services were received in exchange for your gift.