Coding Capacity Coach

Who We Are: Ubuntu Pathways

Ubuntu provides world-class health and educational support to orphaned and vulnerable children living in the townships of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Nuancing traditional development models, we have redefined the theory of “going to scale;” instead of expanding geographically, we focus on the depth rather than breadth of our impact within a community of 400,000 people. Ubuntu's programs form an integrated system of health, educational, and social services, ensuring that disadvantaged children succeed in the world of higher education and employment.

Ubuntu Pathways breaks the cycle of poverty by providing South Africa's most vulnerable children with what all children deserve—everything, every day.

Program Overview:

Ubuntu Pathways' beneficiaries have been underrepresented in STEM fields. Previously, the youth in Ubuntu's Job Skills Training Program have not had opportunities to build independent thinking skills, problem solve or innovate. Research shows that learning to code can build grit, improve creativity, increase persistence and help individuals to better understand the world around them.

Position Overview:

Ubuntu wants to drive the program with local talent powered by global expertise. Ubuntu believes in hiring locally. Over 95% of our staff are from the communities where we work. Ubuntu has learned that on-site, expert led professional development can build long-lasting capacity.

The Coding Capacity Coach will design and coach staff to teach a curriculum to preK-3 students as well as within our Job Skills Training Program for youth ages 18-25. The coding teacher will work with students during weekly classes on logic, problem solving and programming concepts and will work on real-world projects.

Ubuntu is looking for a coach that will be able to build relationships with other staff based on mutual respect, demonstrate effective communication skills, practice conflict resolution skills and have an ongoing commitment to learning. This person must possess excellent observation skills and model best practice in working with young children and adults. He or she must be able to lead the interactive coaching process of observation, discussion, and reflection to promote staff on the ground.

  • This position is based out of Ubuntu’s South African office and is a 3-month contract. We are looking for someone to start no later July 1.
  • This person reports directly to the Chief Strategy Officer and the Managing Director

Responsibilities and Skills:

  • Develop specific computer science curriculum with various classes that could entail game programming, app programming, logic and critical thinking. Courses should be developmentally appropriate and engaging.
  • Plan, prepare and deliver instructional activities to students in Grades prek-3 and youth 18-25.
  • Must have critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.
  • Must have strong technology skills.
  • Must demonstrate a high level of initiative.
  • Must have a high degree of flexibility.
  • Must have excellent communication skills, both oral and written.
  • Perform ongoing evaluation of the effectiveness of the instructional technology.
  • Effectively manage the classroom by implementing discipline, time management, and organization consistent with Ubuntu policies
  • Keep current in the discipline by actively participating in staff development and professional growth activities, so that students are taught relevant information.

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s Degree or higher and mastery of core subject.
  • Experience with at least one coding language: HTML, C++, Python, PHP or similar.
  • Teaching License preferred.
  • Excellent facilitator with the ability to motivate, direct, and train people and collaborate and interact with others effectively and productively.
  • Exceptional analytical and quantitative skills with a strong attention to detail.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Commitment to excellence and ability to work both independently and in a collaborative environment.
  • Demonstrated experience in organizing, conceptualizing and prioritizing objectives.
  • International experience a plus
  • Drivers license Required
  • If you do not have experience teaching coding to children or youth, you are not eligible to apply.

Guiding Principles:

The ideal candidate will understand and value the following:

  • Culturally and linguistically sensitive, family-centered practice
  • Natural learning environments
  • Play-based, child-centered approach to learning
  • The process of learning through experience
  • Functional and meaningful activities/supports
  • Collaborative goal setting
  • Operation from a systems perspective
  • Long-term view of change

How to apply: Please submit a resume and cover letter to